Friday, December 11, 2009

The Swirling Sea Lo~

Little Lady Xiao looked up at the sky to see
those clouds of gray swirling round like tea
which drank the light of the fading sea
that heaved, then turned, falling, falling, endlessly~...

Wish and Hope Lo~

wish i might, wish i could~
if there's a way, then i would~
life is filled with endless coping
if everything fails, still there's hoping~

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today is Such a Bad day lo~

today is such a bad day.
when all things wont go my way.
all i want is some kind of luck
yet all i can say is WTF!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blue Robe Tian Yan Lo~

Tian Rui
The guard at the left of the door was busy straightening his spear after a long battle, so his only reply was to grumble, shout "Can't you see I'm busy?!" and point to his younger partner at his left before licking his hand and rubbing a spot of red dirt on his armor which would not disappear.

His comrade was a fresh recruit who had not expected to say a word, and so he spoke some nonsense for a minute before finally giving the clearest directions he could. "Okay! You go straight in, and then somewhere at the left, wait, or was it the right? You'll meet Liu... Wait, no, Shi... Oh, or is it... Luo? Just head in...", he sighed.

Luckily for the envoy, a man in blue robes was found standing in the first room of the Wu Wei building. Smiling and opening his arms, he spoke up: "Welcome to Wu Wei, I hope your journey has been pleasant. My name is Tian Yan, and I know this city like a bird knows its nest. What can I do for you?"

Little Lady Xiao giggled softly with a smile
at the guard who grumbled at her while
pointing at the guard into his left
that couldn't speak a word, inept
in what to even say, to act or do
then a man said; "What can I do for you~?"

Little Lady Xiao unmounted down her horse
and said; "A bird should know, of course~"
Little Lady Xiao then gently bowed to Tian Yan
saying; "Lieutenant Xiao, we came from Yunnan~"

Little Lady Xiao then rose up after the small greet
"We traveled fine and well, a pleasure to meet~"
Little Lady Xiao said; "There is a person we came to see"
"We wish to speak, if you may, in formal with Lord Shi~"

The Phoenix From The Mists Lo~

Intrepid black riders, a number of five
With horses they soared and so they dived~
Spawning figures from the early morning mists
A phoenix flag flies amongst their midsts~

A breeze down traveler's road from day to night
From the southern clouds, they moved swiftly in flight~
Only to settle at the gates, for which they came
With fisheyes like so, a sweeping gaze they did aim~

Little Lady Xiao and four make the envoy
A salute to the guards, before the deploy~
Little Lady Xiao then spoke; "Hello, good morning."
"We are envoys from Li Jun, you've seen us coming~?"

Oh my eyes~! The shinies~! Lo~!

Zo tuned his head to the man,
"I understand what you mean, but I have a plan."
He walked slowly towards the girl
He knew there was no threat, no more items to hurl
So once more he spoke, "What give you the impression I am lightning?"
He gave a slight smile, "I hope I am not that frightening."
His stature was slight, but he knew how to fight
"I am afraid I won't except you dare."
He continued, "I am afraid a duel would simply be unfair."
His calm remained in tact, "I don't intend to lay a hand on you, that I swear."
As he slowly advanced, "Though I recommend avoiding such confrontation."
He paused, and stopped in his tracks, "Instead, why not offer this man a stipulation?"
He gestured to the officer she provoked, "After all, it seems you have caused him some aggravation."
"Would an apology be such an impossible compensation?"
He looked to the both of them, checking to see if they met this with elation, or increased frustration.

Little Lady Xiao shouted; "Oh my eyes! The shinies!"
The shaven head sparkling, a thousand lights of cities~
Little Lady Xiao covered her eyes like this and like that
"I... dun feel so good lo~" said the epileptic, falling brat~

Little Thunder, Little Lightning Lo~

On his way after the girl, Gan Li saw the shoes flying towards him
Quickly grabbed them twice, hers were so delicate, soft, and slim
Seeing the girl on the garden wall, her smile looked so sly
Before starting a word, Yong-hui heard a man's voice calling from nearby

Gan Li turned his face to the source of the voice. He then saw a monk with a lean figure approaching toward him. Gan Li gave an odd glance at him for a while. He then regained his sense and bowed calmly to him. His hands were still holding the girl's shoes.

"Greeting, father. Do you happen to know this girl? She picked a fight with me without a reason and then ran up to here. I was wondering what happened to her and why she did that."

He finished his words as he turned his face to the girl as if to ask for explanation from her as well.

Zo had never been called father, but him, it did not bother. Zo began to think. The whole affair began to stink. " Is that so?" Commented Zo. She must have feared the man, for her shoes she did throw. Zo spoke low, "Perhaps I should talk with her, as she seems to hold some value in taunting or fearing you." His tone echoed out tranquility. He called out to the girl, "Miss, could you come and converse with me?" He hoped she would not flee.

Little Lady Xiao eyed the man with skin so leathery
His head was clean and shaven, oh look so shiny~
Little Lady Xiao now struck an ancient battle pose
Her feet was up a step, jiggling like an angry nose~

Little Lady Xiao said; "Hah! Never, nadda, nu uh!"
Saying; "So big boy, you like thunderstorms, huh~?!"
Little Lady Xiao now geared for some kung fu fighting
Mumbling; "C'mon little thunder, c'mon little lightning~.."

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Li Jun's Fork Lo~

Li Jun kept silent and stopped twirling the feather. "I did come to see her whenever I can. I also explained to her about my heavy workload which she understands too. Of all the people, she should know my feelings for her as well. Li Peng knows it and he saw the time how... Mei-Li and I opened up our feelings to each other."

Li Jun continued to pace and twirl the feather, "As a ruler I have many responsibilities, to the people, the cities and all of you. I have to maintain plannings, strategies and even scheming till I don't have my own personal time. I remembered Mei-Li told me that she will understand and it's my duty."

Li Jun turned and this time looking at Xiao Xue, "Tell me Xiao Xue... am I wrong to put the people's well being and the cities before me?"

Little Lady Xiao spoke as cobweb dusts fall
Saying; "You're just one man, you can't do all."
Little Lady Xiao lowered her head, she stopped
Speaking much to his state might be over the top

Little Lady Xiao shared a wise old thief's wit
"Some things are just not yours to begin with..."
Little Lady Xiao said; "I only say this from what I see."
Glancing back; "You made a choice and so did she~"

On his garbage duty, Li An passed the office of his ex sister in law. Going in, he realised that his brother and his superior office was in the room. Saluting the both of them, he said "My lord, are we going to do something about this. It is an insult to Yun Nan and to the Li Clan. We have to do something about this. You came close to giving her the Li Clan ring, come to think of it, it was a good thing that you did not."

"As your brother, I feel we have to do something...."

Li Jun smiled weakly, "Thank you Xiao Xue. You are right. She had chosen and so do I. Perhaps this would allow me to concentrate more on what I am doing now. Perhaps I should delegate more of the works to the officers and perhaps... I might find one who understand me better."

Li beckoned for Xiao Xue to follow him out of the office. "Xiao Xue, do me a favour.... burn this place down. I want to cut off any memories that I had... in this place."

Li Jun let go of the feather and it slowly flutters to the ground while he walks out of the office. Out of the happy times he had before, out of sadness that bore heavily on his heart. It was as if letting go of the feather, Li Jun also let go of his feelings and hardened it further. A resolve that he will never turn back.

While he was almost out of the office, he saw Li An his young brother came in. He listened and nodded his head. "You are right An. But yet again, what can we do now? This taught me a valuable lesson and you An should learn from it. Never ever... letting someone into your heart too deeply till you are sure of her feelings to you." Li Jun patted the shoulder of Li An, "We have more things to do and when did the last time you saw Peng? It seems that he had vanished without a trace. Come... I want to leave this place."

Li Jun turned back and look at Xiao Xue with a sadness in his eyes, "Burn this place down." Li Jun looked on the floor for a moment as if it pains him to pass this decision. He looked up again at Xiao Xue and smiled weakly and nodded his head for her to do so.

Felt and Left Lo~

Without looking at Xiao Xue and continuing to look at the feather and twirl it. Li Jun began to pace, "Indeed, sometimes when you given out true feelings to someone. It always hurt the deepest when the other party betrays you. Don't you think?" Li Jun remained expressionless while he speaks.

"If you are in my shoe... what will you do? Furthermore, what do you think the reasons that she left?" Li Jun spoke while veins could be seen visibly across his temple. A sign of controlled hate raging inside Li Jun.

Little Lady Xiao then thought of Li Jun's sins~
"No visits... not a word ever spoken since~
Little Lady Xiao have an inkling of why did Mei-Li left
"Have you ever thought or wondered of how she even felt~?"
Since that day Mei-li betrayed Li Jun for no apparent reasons. This office had left covered with dust and dirt. Cobwebs was everywhere and Li Jun stood quietly at the centre of the office with his hands behind him. Images of of Mei-Li running away with another man flashes his mind numerous of time. His face contours with hate and he raised his fist and slammed it on the table a couple of times. Each blow is more harder than the first. Subsequently the table broke and splinters fell off from the table and some jutted his hand. Although his hand was bleeding a little, it cannot be compare with the bleeding from within.

He spotted a feather on the floor which dripped with some of his blood. He picked it and look at it.

"Xiao Xue... do you know how it's like to feel pain from within?" Li Jun asked without looking at the specific direction as he knew his spy mistress is nearby.

Little Lady Xiao almost flinched as Li Jun called
Bit her lip in asking, a gasping breath she did hold~
Little Lady Xiao fell down from wooden ceiling beams
Li Jun's sorrow quite close to bursting, so it it seems~

Little Lady Xiao pondered what to say, now involved
Of Mei-Li leaving, the unseen story of how this evolved~
Little Lady Xiao said; "This kind of pain is true and keen."
"Cuts deeper than the enemy's sword from within~"

Dark Rain Falling Lo~

Little Lady Xiao was doing shadow business
Stalking Peng to scare him, that's what this is
Little Lady Xiao gasped and hid, nearest wall
Mei-li hugging Peng, the marshal standing tall~

Little Lady Xiao, her masked face quite obscured
Peng's treachery just discovered, now procured~
Little Lady Xiao ready to report Li jun's weakness
Fading back to the shadows, unwilling sole witness~

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thoughts Are Tumbling Lo~

[Response: Feng Jintai/Eastern Warrior]

Hearing the quiet splashes of water nearby, Xi Zi turned. Warily, she glared at the incomer as she instinctively drew her cloak around her, taking care to ensure that her hair did not peek out.

Was he...?

No, not a ruffian. Not from the way he carried himself. Either way, she should probably move out of his way.

[Response: Lady Xiao/GreenFabre]

[[OOC Notes: Xi Zi has not noticed Xiao's presence, unless your two lines were spoken out loud.]]

@Xi Zi / Feng Jintai

Little Lady Xiao saw a figure wrapped in cloak
Another, a man kneeling down, his face to soak~
Little Lady Xiao then lied back, she's mumbling
Glancing up the sky, her thoughts are tumbling~

[ooc: she's mumbling loud lo~? :lol: ]

Daydreams Talking Lo~?

[[Open RP

OOC: Xi Zi's gender should be ambiguous here, as she's too muffled in her cloak to tell from a distance]]

"Colors are fragrant, but they fade away all the same." Murmuring gently to the waters, a cloaked figure stood near the lake. From beneath her hood, the faintest hint of a wistful smile was on her lips as she shook her head.

"How long? How long will it last...?"

Eastern Warrior
@ Xi Zi (C.C.)

Feng Jintai trots along the path that day in April. He spots the lake and the length he had travel without leisure was taking a toll on him and he decides to take a rest nearby. He notices the cloak figure afoot the lake and questions himself why a person would travel alone unarmed, or at least that is what he thought the cloaked one to be. He proceeds with a hint of caution towards the lake. Keeping eye on the man or woman that stood only a few feet away from him. He kneels down as he approaches the lake and heaves up a small pool of water with his hand and splashes it on his face.

@Xi Zi / Feng Jintai

Colors are fragrant, but they fade away all the same.
How long? How long will it last...
As life comes only once, a stolen piece in death's game
Gone~! Gone so soon, too fast~!

Little Lady Xiao was whispering, lying in the soft grass
Her eyes then gently opened, the color of faded brass~
Little Lady Xiao sat up, as she looked around wondering
Was that someone around or it's the daydreams talking~?

Business Card Lo~

Fang Pi thought for a second~
One more's not bad, he reckoned~
He nodded to the lady~
Said, "Saying no is crazy~"
"I'll find you when a job comes~"
"But for now, stay at Li Jun's~"

Xiao Xue has joined Pai Mai Pi!

Little Lady Xiao bowed once again
Gave out her info, there and then~
Little Lady Xiao's place, where to find
"Anytime of the day, I wont mind~"

Secret Vials Lo~

Fang Pi nodded and took the gold~
Making money just didn't get old.~
He poured out the gold just to count~
To make sure it was the right amount~
Then he took out a bunch of tokens~
Handed them to the girl that was smokin'~

Fang Pi received 350 gold from Xiao Xue (GreenFabre) for Sleeve Darts!
Xiao Xue received 350 Pai Mai Pi reward points!

Little Lady Xiao thanked the man, and bowed in return
Just as she took out vials, in various shades of auburn~
Little Lady Xiao looked at Pi, as if making out a decision
Gently, she glanced back, watched him for any reaction~

Little Lady Xiao said; "I create antidotes, in bottles of two."
"I.. ehm, can also make poisons.. if you would like me to~?"
Little Lady Xiao then gently lowered her gaze, like bamboo
Yet in her mind, she was asking the man; "What say you~?"

Jumping Bunnies Lo~

Fang Pi nodded to the lady quite excited~
An urge to hug this girl, just can't fight it~
From Li Jun's kingdom even better,~
Nodding to the girl, his face gets redder.~
He puts the sleeve dart on the counter~
Says, "Four Hundred, if you want her."~
"Discount for you how 'bout 350."
"That price makes it really thrifty."

Fang Pi has offered Sleeve Darts to Xiao Xue for 350 gold!

Little Lady Xiao goggled; " pretty~"
"Just like tat, can i buy this.. really~?"
Little Lady Xiao laid out a fat bag of monies
Excitedly jumping, hopping like crazy bunnies~

Xiao Xue pays Fang Pi, 350 gold in exchange for a Sleeve Dart!

We Have Monies Lo~

Fang Pi was picking his nose...slowly
Enjoying digging with his finger fully~
Then a little lady came a rapping
Rapping at his counter, tapping~
Fang Pi opened his eyes to say,
"What can I do for you today?"~
Pulling out his finger from his nose,
He wiped his boogers on his clothes.~

Little Lady Xiao can't help but stare, genuinely mesmerized~
Clapped her hands saying; "Waaw...tat your daily exercise~?"
Little Lady Xiao said; " have big shop, hai, hai, hai~"
"I am Xiao from Li Jun's Yunnan, we hav monies, buy, buy, buy~"

Little Lady Xiao began descriptions, her voice was singing
"Mister...ehm, do you have a sleeve dart, I am buying~?"
Little Lady Xiao gestured; " flies like this, like that."
" bit small but not tiny, not too thin, but not too fat~"

I Saw A Sign Lo~

Little Lady Xiao was walking, singing, smiling
Gently stopped at a sign, one she saw in passing~
Little Lady Xiao turned the door, into the big shop
Walk up to the counter, and gave a rhythmic rap~

Friday, July 17, 2009

Standing Tall Lo~

With quick reflex, Gan Li barely dodged the attack without panic
As she cried and ran away, he frowned upon her lack of logic
Leave or follow, the blacksmith had to choose only one choice
Quickly made up his mind, Yong-hui went after her crying voice

Zo looked at his position. Azure dragon, it at least sounded interesting, so said his intuition. He turned to notice some odd commotion. going on, a man chasing some crying girl, he disliked this notion. He could only assume the man was causing trouble, still, he was not sure if getting involved would be right. He looked at his rough hands, and sighed, he had to stop this sight. "Sir!" He yelled calmly, as he began to chase after the man, "Sir, please halt! Please leave the girl be." Hi serene nature made him a mediator his kindness meant he did it for free. Still he grew tired of it. It was always the same old bit. It was his own mental policy which kept him from precious normalcy.

Little Lady Xiao noticed the man still following in pursuit
Threw both of her shoes at him, now running in barefoot~
Little Lady Xiao quickly jumped up to climb a garden wall
Boastfully, she turned around smiling, now standing tall~

Just To See You Smile Lo~

the way you talk, your voice is like a lovesong
looking at your eyes, a sin, so crazy wrong~
the closer I get to you, it's like I'm going home
when i'm in your arms, safest heaven zone~

to see you smile, the greatest joy
my heart is melting, oh girl, oh boy~
i think I've fallen for you, I do
so good at that thing that you do~

this love will stay, against all odds
till end of world, defy the gods~
one glance, no more lonely hearts
forever begins and heaven starts~

just to see you smile, smile~
for a second, you're mine, mine~
no more saying bye, bye~
just glad that i won't cry, cry~